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The primary purpose of this gallery website is to showcase the pictures that we've taken during our great Round-the-World adventure. For more on that, check out our blog at www.summerchasers.blogspot.com. That adventure feels like ages ago, but new adventures happen every year.
All of the pictures featured here are taken with ordinary compact digital cameras. Most often I'm using a Canon PowerShot SD890IS that has a 5X optical zoom. In Singapore I discovered an add-on lens that increases the viewable area (a wide-angle lens). It's a FocusVision M-Power 0.45X Wide Lens. A substantial upgrade in firepower in January 2014 ups my game with a Sony NEX 6: SLR sensor in a small package.
Underwater photos are taken using my 'old' Canon SD200 Digital Elph with a Canon all-weather case AW-DC30 which is rated to 3m underwater, although I've found it functions down to 8m and remains water-tight all the way down to 20m. That camera unfortunately floated away, so I had to replace it with a Sony + underwater case.
I'm not that knowledgeable about certain camera settings, namely aperture since neither camera allows me to manually control that. However, I rarely use the "auto" setting, preferring to control ISO, exposure, white-balance and focus range myself. Basically I know enough about how to use the camera to elevate myself to the photographer's realm of "not bad".
While you are browsing through the galleries, please write a comment or if you really like the photo, give it a 'thumb's up!'. I'd like to know what you've felt is a good shot.

FYI: new photos are being added all the time. Galleries are sorted by which one's been updated most recently - these are listed at the top.

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Seeing the people gather on the waterfront as night falls.  This city has done well to develop their malecon; we felt safe and there was lots to take in.

Seeing the people gather on the waterfront as night falls. This city has done well to develop their malecon; we felt safe and there was lots to take in.

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